More Travel and Church Templates please?

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ANDt would be wonderful if we had more Travel Agency and Church type templates. Some things to speed up the process. I have used WordPress and Elementor Pro for about 2 years now and feel I am making an overall change to WebWave... but would really love a few more templates. i have used a template resource called LocalSitesGo which is STELLAR and the concept would be wonderful for WebWave.

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I don't read whatever language everything from your site comes to me in. I'm American, I speak English, some Spanish & Italian. I feel utterly helpless and lost with your system and am strongly considering to cancel for full refund with APP SUMO because of language barriers. I cant seem to get anywhere in help desk without trying to reset ALL THE TIME my language system. It's utterly exhausting. And not worth the price I paid.

We've got english version at webwave.me. You should login there and use that language version instead of a Polish one.


I'm happy to say, that there are plenty of templates available now :)